In addition to their live performances, the group of 4 musicians are committed and dedicated teachers of all aspects off frame drumming.

They have created a unique format for their individual workshop/classes:
“Rhythms in Three”, “Rhythms in Five”, “Rhythms in Seven”

are typical workshop titles, clearly presenting the options to students.
Each one of the four players focuses on a different rhythmic time cycle, for example 3, 4, 5, 7, or 9. Since these cycles are the framework of all music, this approach allows for a deep exploration of these universal ways of organizing rhythm.
Different cultures such as Arabic, Turkish, Indian, Italian and Central Asian create exciting frame drum rhythms and variations using this rhythmic framework.
Along with sharing their knowledge of the traditional material, each player gives insight into their own way of navigating through the endless possibilities rhythm provides.
Within that context the players teach basic to advanced frame drum techniques. Students can choose which cycle is of interest and receive an in-depth introduction.

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